40 Years Ago... (A Thank You & We Need your Input)

Forty Years ago, on May the first, 1982, Jors Troelie opened up a photographic depot - called Fripps - in Hillbrow -- without owning a camera.
And the rest is, um, hysteria . . .

We had more competition in the two streets of Hillbrow, than KAMERAZ has in the whole country today. But it maybe tougher now. Which, although good for the consumer, is tricky for a retailer to operate on eina-small margins.

But cowboys don't cry; not in front of their horses, not in front of anybody.
We are just too grateful to have survived and to have seen the back of so many of our competitors. For there, but for the grace, goes . . .

And if you'd like to know who else we need to thank, please have a look in the mirror.

Because of you, we survived revolutions, both political and technological. Even if you've taken up other hobbies in the meanwhile. Yes, we saw camera's go from manual to Autofocus to digital and our 55m² shop grow to 1 250m². From 2 staff members to 30 plus. And small headaches grow to industrial sized ones; only joking.

We would love to get feedback from all, especially those who were regulars during our -- maybe -- too long, um, sojourn in Hillbrow from '82 - '95.
Please share your remembrances and a-n-y photo's you might have of Hillbrow, of the time. And as we do have the space, we hope to do some kind of a get-together sometime around the weekend of May, 1st; this to honour your patronage and friendship over the years. Details to be released in due course.

We are exploring the possibility of a nostalgic photographic exhibition, featuring images of Hillbrow, circa mid-1970's to early 1990's. If you have any images from this time period, please submit them via email to submissions@kameraz.co.za 

And do let us have the benefit of your feedback, and do feel free to spread the word to acquaintances, etc.

And be certain, we're from the school, that believe that one never arrives -- because the moment you think that you have, you are possibly setting yourselves up for failure?

So, without any self-congratulations, may we extend our gratitude to each of you that was part of our journey. Here's to another 40 years!