April SuperSunday & Boxed As New SALE
April is here and it kicks off our first SuperSunday of the year. We will have our exciting Boxed As New sale with mint condition gear and used gear prices. We will also be offering 10% off a whole host of gear! Read below for more! 
  • Our unique 'Boxed as New' SALE - see list -  with items at bargain prices, all with a 6 months guarantee.
  • 10% off on all new filters, gadget bags, memory cards, and tripods.

MACRO Bonanza for Canon users:

  • SIGMA ART 70mm/2.8 MACRO(full frame lens) + NISSIN MF18 TTL Macro Flash @R9999
  • NISSIN MF18 TTL Macro Flash @ R5280.
  • Demo stock, fully guaranteed. Limited quantities.

Terms and Conditions

- The Boxed As New and 10% off Sale is only valid for April 6&7 2019. 
- All items will only be available in store and will be sold on a first come, first served basis. No pre-orders / reservations will be allowed on any of the items to give everyone a fair chance on the day. You will be able to queue outside the shop ahead of opening time in order to secure a specific product.
- The shop will open from 09:00am on both days.