5 Things You Need To Know To Be An Influencer // Carlinn Meyer // LIVEstream

Ever wondered what it takes to be an influencer in today's day and age? Well luckily we have Carlinn Meyer, a Sony Brand Ambassador, hosting a livestream to run you through everything you need to know about being an influencer right now.

Date: 31 October 2020
Time: 12:00pm
Cost: FREE
Where to watch: watch it LIVE here on this blog posts, our Facebook Page or our Youtube Channel. 

Carlinn will cover the following information during her livestream;

  • The importance of good quality content and how to stand out in a crowd
  • Using Instagram to its full potential by utilizing everything it has to offer (focusing on stories and reels)
  • Why it is important to be relatable as an influencer
  • Why you need to be authentic in order to be an influencer
  • How to create and post fresh content on the go for different platforms (Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram)

Carlinn will also cover the gear that she uses to create all of her photographs and videos.

About Carlinn Meyer:

Carlinn is a full time social media influencer and photographer. She specialises in travel and lifestyle content and spends her time all over the globe with her long term partner and fellow Sony ambassador Mike Eloff creating epic content to use on her social platforms as well as for big brands and hotels. 

Her dreamy photos and social media skills has gained her a large following on instagram and facebook where she loves to share her knowledge.