Boxed As New SALE - December 2018


So you've found nothing appealing on Black Friday and you're starting to despair of finding anything worthy of your hard-earned earnings?

Well fear not, because on Saturday, December 1st, we'll be celebrating the official beginning of the Xmas and holiday season with the following:

  • Our unique 'Boxed as New' SALE - see list -  with items at bargain prices, all with a 6 months guarantee.
  • 15% off on all new filters, gadget bags, memory cards, accessories and tripods.

Along with showcasing our iconic KAMERAZ Xmas Tree, we'll be installing a coffee station, complete with a barista from FotoZA Gallery, for the weekend.

MACRO Bonanza for Canon users:

  • SIGMA ART 70mm/2.8 MACRO(full frame lens) + NISSIN MF18 TTL Macro Flash @R9999
  • NISSIN MF18 TTL Macro Flash @ R5280.
  • Demo stock, fully guaranteed. Limited quantities.

Terms and Conditions

- The Boxed As New and 15% off Sale is only valid for December 1 & 2, 2018. 
- All items will only be available in store and will be sold on a first come, first served basis. No pre-orders / reservations will be allowed on any of the items to give everyone a fair chance on the day. You will be able to queue outside the shop ahead of opening time in order to secure a specific product.
- The shop will open from 09:00am on both days.