KAMERAZ 20th Anniversary SALE

2018 marks the 20th anniversary since Fripps Hillbrow became known as KAMERAZ. It is also 36 years since Fripps Hillbrow began. 

While the decor has changed numerous times and the equipment has been upgraded and updated more times than we have collective fingers to count on, our ethos and 'vibe' still remain the same. We strive to give you the best customer service and photographic retail experience possible. 

As an extension of that ethos, we are very excited to announce the dates of our 20th Anniversary SALE! July 7th and 8th. 

Prepare yourselves for exclusive anniversary specials that will run for JUST the weekend. All of this will be jam-packed into the most modern version of all of our stores in Rosebank Mall. 

Keep an eye on this event for more details surrounding the event and some of the specials that will be available on the weekend! 

Our Fine-Art Photographic gallery, FotoZA, will also be hosting its most ambitious exhibition yet; Mandela100. A body of work following the life of Nelson Mandela during his early life with unseen photographs, and personal calendars from Robben Island among other interesting angles. 

Make a day trip to come to visit both our anniversary show, grab some killer deals and then go enjoy lunch and coffee in our gallery while viewing this historically important exhibition.

Click here to see the list of specials

Click here to purchase the specials online!