The Foto Buzz-Ah!
For many who are au fait with it, the so-called 'FotoBazaar' is a well-known part of KAMERAZ's DNA. 

It was originally started in Hillbrow by Fripps Hillbrow as a photographic flea market, it was a well-attended event by photographic collectors, club members, and students. 

When the owner, JohanGreybe, 'semi-grated to Rosebank in the mid-nineties, the FotoBazaar tagged along to emerge now and then on a Sunday with tables full of photographic paraphernalia of all kinds: 

- Tripods, 
- Antique cameras, 
- Darkroom equipment,
- Filters, 
- Photographic books, 
- Photographic magazines, 
- Equipment Bags, etc.

So in the spirit of, if-you-wait-long-enough-all-good-things-comes-along-again, the above is getting a facelift and new lease on life starting Sunday, June 17th. We thus present to you the "Foto Buzz-Ah!"


FotoZA Gallery's Patio area, 
Level 4, Entrance 3
Rosebank Mall


09:00 - 14:00

General Information

We will be posting some lead-up deals that will be available on the day. But please note that NOTHING will be available for reservation before the day. The Foto Buzz-Ah! will run on a strictly first come, first served basis. So be sure to get there early to avoid missing out!