The FotoBuZzAh! goes online this March!

Join us for the first online FotoBuZzAh!

When: 04 April 2020

Time: Opens at 10:00am (the products will be hidden until this time)

As SA enters lockdown, we have decided to try out a new format for our FotoBuZzAh! by moving it online. 

What this means for you is that you will be able to browse a selection of gear from the FotoBuZzAh! category as well as be able to purchase it online immediately. Doing so secures the item for you and no-one else can purchase it in the interim. 

Please note however that due to the national lockdown, we will only be able to fulfill and ship your orders once the lockdown has concluded and we are allowed to open the physical shop again. 

All of the photos of the items in the FotoBuZzAh! category are the actual images of the items on sale. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us on and we will answer any questions you have. We will however only be able to send you more detailed photos about a specific item once we are allowed back into the store. 


Categories of items that will be available:

- Bags

- Tripods

- Monopods

- Antique Cameras

- Budget DSLR's

- Studio Lights

- The printed body of work of Dudley Watson

See all of the items on sale here:

What is the FotoBuZzAh! category?

FotoBuZzAH! Equipment is a collection of second-hand photographic gear that we have collected over months and years and sell off at regular intervals in the year. While most of the equipment is in working condition some items may be a bit worse for wear. While we try to indicate any particular damage/condition on specific products we may not accurately describe each item. 
If you are in doubt when purchasing a product from this category you are more than welcome to contact the store (011 880 2885 / and ask more about the product. We will try to assist you with further information as best we can. We can even arrange a viewing of the item in-store if you want. But please remember we have moved this event online in the interests of social distancing to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. So wherever possible please try to contact us remotely first and see if we can answer your queries that way.