Sigma introduces the all new 150-600mm DG DN OS f/5-6.3 Sports for Sony E-Mount and L-Mount

Sigma have recently anounced their all new 150-600mm DG DN OS f/5-6.3 Sports Lens for E-Mount and L-Mount cameras. Their first ever sports line lens for mirrorless cameras. 

This leans features a host of impressive features, such as weather-sealing, a close minimum focus distance, top notch build quality and a host of pro-grade features. 

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Optical Performance

This all new lens has been redesigned by Sigma to include a Dual Action Zoom function features ultra-high-performance glass that is capable of delivering the best image performance with even the highest resolution mirrorless cameras such as the Sony A7R IV

The OS (optical stabiliser) system uses high-precision magnetic sensors to help give the lens up to 4 Stops of stabilisation, which will give you the added boost to shoot with the lens and get the shot in even the most adverse conditions.

Close Focusing Distance

The all new lens uses 25 lens elements in 15 groups to ensure that the lens minimises and controls lens aberrations. In the test images released we have seen impressive image results throughout the Zoom range without any compromise in quality.

One of the standout features of the lens is that it has been designed with shooting subjects and rendering the background out-of-focus for a pleasing bokeh effect to help isolate your subject from their environment. 

Add compression into the mix from using a long focal length and you have a winning combination. From tests that have been released, Sigma also claim that the lens will retain sharp contrast in images in in backlit or strong sunlit conditions.

Images: Simon Roy

Dedicated teleconverters

Sigma have also released two new teleconverters to pair with the new lens for L-Mount Cameras. A 1.4x (TC-1411) and a 2x (TC-2011). These will give the added reach needed for shooting subjects like the moon or cases where extreme telephoto zoom is needed. 


High Precision Auto Focus and additional features

Owing to the fact that this new lens features the Sports name, that means that is comes with the pro-level features that Sigma uses to define their Sports Line-up of lenses. 

The AF motor uses a stepping-motor to deliver precise, fast and quiet autofocus in any situation. Paired with a high-precision magnetic sensor, the lens is capable of impressively fast AF and tracking of subjects. Made all the more impressive when taking into account the zoom range of the lens, meaning that is has to move a significant distance to find your subject and bring it into focus. 

With up to 4 Stops of stabilisation, this makes it all the more possible to use the lens while shooting handheld. Sigma have also included a custom function OS switch with different stabilisation modes for different use cases. The below image was shot by Simon Roy ( using a cusotm OS-2 Stabilisation mode while using it hand-held.

Here is an overview of the buttons on the lens:

Another interesting button to take note of is the Zoom Torque switch which enables the user to customise how much friction the barrel has while zooming in and out. Which can allow for fast zooming in and out through the range with the 'S' Option, a more refined zoom experience with the 'T' option where the barrel will not retract or you can use the 'L' button to lock the lens in place at 150mm and prevent the barrel from moving. 

Build Quality

Another important aspect of any lens is it's build quality. And as with all other lenses in Sigma's line-up, this lens is no different and does not deviate from their uncompromising attention to detail and high-build quality. 

The lens is dust and splash resistant that will keep your lens protected while shooting in adverse conditions. Giving you peace of mind that you can rely on your gear to get the shot while out in harsh environments. 


The lens comes in the box with a magnesium tripod foot capable of attaching to an Arca Swiss-type clamp. You can also expect to receive the LH1034-01 Lens hood which helps to reduce lens flare and, while not very traditional, can also be used to help protect the front element of the lens from scratches by giving you a buffer zone.


Some other features of the lens:

  • Lens construction: 25 elements in 15 groups, with 4 FLD and 2 SLD elements
  • OS function
  • Internal focusing
  • Compatible with high-speed autofocus
  • Stepping motor
  • Compatible with lens-based optical correction
    *Function available on supported cameras only. Available corrections may vary depending on the camera model.
  • Supports DMF and AF+MF
  • Super Multi-Layer Coating
  • Water and oil repellent coating (front element)
  • Focus Mode switch
  • Focus Limiter switch
  • OS switch
  • Custom Mode switch
  • AFL button (3 buttons)
  • Zoom Torque switch
  • Tripod Socket (TS-121)
  • Cover Hood (LH1304-01)
  • Designed to minimise flare and ghosting
  • Compatible with SIGMA TELE CONVERTER TC-1411 / TC-2011 (sold separately / for L-Mount only)
  • Compatible with SIGMA USB DOCK UD-11 (sold separately / for L-Mount only)
  • Compatible with SIGMA TRIPOD SOCKET TS-81 (Replaceable lens foot type / sold separately)
  • Dust and splash resistant structure
  • Every single lens undergoes SIGMA’s proprietary MTF measuring system ‘A1’
  • 9-blade rounded diaphragm
  • High-precision, durable brass bayonet mount
  • ‘Made in Japan’ craftsmanship


Pre-order the E-Mount lens here: CLICK HERE 

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